Ultimate Surrender – S9E29 – (2) Isamar Gutierrez vs. (6) Bryn Blayne – Princess Donna To Replace Matt

big news came down last nite, when Matt revealed that he was leaving Kink to pursue other interests. Princess Donna will be taking over Ultimate Surrender. anyone who’s familiar with her work on some of US sister sites (wiredpussy, public disgrace, etc.) knows that she will bring it each and every week. while we here at IGRO, are sad to see him leave, we wish him nothing but the best in all his future endeavors.

not to be overshadowed by the news of Matt’s departure, we had a showdown between two gals capable of making deep runs in Summer Vengeance. Isamar Gutierrez is the pride of the Academy. dispatching of Bella Rossi in her US debut, Isamar hit a stumbling block in her loss to Rain DeGrey. Isamar appears to have mastered the learning curve, and with the help of Audrey Rose, scored a measure of revenge, beating Rain and Bryn in this month’s tag team update.

Bryn Blayne is going to end up being season 9’s rookie of the year. two tag matches under her belt, and already making an impression on the singles circuit. a loss to AX in her singles debut, followed by an impressive win over Holly Heart. Bryn has been training with the Goddess of Sodomy.

Isamar may be the most viable threat to AX chances of repeating as Summer Vengeance champion. this was a beneficial match for both wrestlers. Isamar continues to adapt to US more style-centric scoring system, while Bryn gets another match against a Big 4 opponent. Isamar turned in the most impressive outing of her brief US career, jumping on Bryn from the start. she used some spot-on fingering techniques, coupled with smothering Bryn with those spectacular funbags of hers. Isamar came away with a 379-101 victory. the Goddess of Sodomy was your referee, but was not involved in round 4. Isamar’s fishhook technique appears to be ready for Summer Vengeance.

my rankings remain unchanged from last week:

and a big welcome to Donna! we look forward to big things from her!
if anyone saw last nite’s tag match, feel free to post spoilers…



7 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E29 – (2) Isamar Gutierrez vs. (6) Bryn Blayne – Princess Donna To Replace Matt”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Announcement of big changes to the US format – and then Matt suddenly departs. The full story is not being told, surely.
    Princess Donna would appear to be a safe pair of hands, but with her commitments to Public Disgrace and Bound Gangbangs, she would seem to be spreading herself rather thinly.
    Isamar is getting the hang of cunt fingering, tits-in-face, forced kissing and all the other necessary ways of gleaning points. I’m backing her to beat Ariel in the closest ever SV final. A good big ‘un always beats a good little ‘un.

  2. SHAWN Says:

    celticfrostedflakes how can isamar that was beaten by Rain be in No 2 in the ranking and Dragon lily that humiliated and destroyed this same Rain occupy the 3rd spot? common, celticfrostedflakes be fair with the ranking

  3. arikh Says:

    the same Isamar beat Bella who crushed Dragon, so… same argument.

    the only difference, Isamar lost to Rain only due to the fact she’s new to US and learning and adapting with each match to the different rules.

  4. Joe Says:

    Great match! I was sorry to see that Matt’s leaving although I agree with Ringmaster, the timing’s quite suspicious. Given that Princess Donna has a lot on her plate, I wonder if she’s only taking over temporarily to groom Isis to become the boss at some point down the line?

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Matt said he has two months of material “in the can” so Donna will probably take the reins around the time Summer Vengeance starts. for the time being, she needs to stay active on the US forums, updating the rankings and upcoming matches sections.

    it is kinda strange that he steps down, less than two weeks after he announces all these changes for next season. even tho Isis isn’t taking over, they should retain her as a ref.

    if I was booking Summer Vengeance, my 1/4 matches would be:
    AX – Holly
    Darling – Rain

    Isamar – Mahina
    Dragon – Bryn

    anybody else notice that Academy posted their Isamar vs. Bryn match one day before US did? perhaps, some gamesmanship on Academy’s part, eh? 🙂

  6. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    in the latest rankings, Donna has removed Serena, due to Serena’s concern over her own safety. does anyone know if this has anything to do with last week’s live tag match?

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    It would be very interesting to know why Matt is leaving. Surely he can’t be bored? If someone gets bored with a job which entails organising naked sexual wrestling contests among the world’s sluttiest porn stars, what does that say about the human condition? Nice to see the way Isamar plundered Rain’s ass in Rd4 of the recent tag team tussle and especially nice to see how she was cheered on by the blonde on the sidelines, who should clearly have been dragged onto the mat, stripped and had her face squirted on by Isis.

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