…And That’s Why John Cena Should Put The Rock Over At WrestleMania

someone posted the Once In A Lifetime video hyping the upcoming showdown between The Rock and John Cena this Sunday, at WrestleMania. let me save u save u about 40 minutes. it’s nothing u haven’t seen before. interviews, clips, backstage stuff, etc. looks like it took Vinman’s PR department all of about 15 minutes to edit together, from previous John Cena and Rock WWE DVDs. I’m just ready for this shit to be over with. let’s get to my bold ass WrestleMania predictions. FYI, the only match I incorrectly picked from last year’s event was Edge-ADR.

The Rock vs. John Cena – did they hype this match for an entire year, just so The Rock could come back to his hometown, and put John Cena over?!? HELL NO! there’s nothing to be gained from having Cena win this match, b/c the Rock will be gone again for another 3 or 4 months. Cena is the ultimate company guy, and regardless of any legitimate heat the two may have, he knows WWE is better served by Rock going over. Cena is the most over wrassler of the current generation, but he will NEVER reach the heights Rock and Austin did back in the Attitude Era. what will absolutely suck, is if they go thru with the terrible idea of having The Miz do a run-in, and costing Cena the match. I want Rock to win, but it needs to be a clean win.
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho – who really is the best in the world? for my money, Y2J is still the best, but I think Punk retains. either way, this will end up being the best match on the card!
Undertaker vs. Triple H – Hell In A Cell to go 20-0. the following nite on RAW, they will book Trips-HBK for Mania 29.
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus – the least-talked about world title match in the history of sports entertainment. Daniel Bryan is currently boning one of the Bella twins, so that’s a good enough reason to pick him to retain.
Team Laryngitis vs. Team Long – this was supposedly the Money In The Bank spot, but in lieu of Wade Barrett’s elbow injury, we get this clusterfuck of a match. I’m going to assume Alberto Del Rio (Laryngitis) and Rey Mysterio (Long) will round out the 6-man teams. the mid-card division is incredibly weak, and would benefit from a Miz face turn. Team Laryngitis to win, with Dolph Ziggler carrying this match.
Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show – I would rather see Cody wrestle Goldust with Big Dust as the special guest referee…
Randy Orton vs. Kane – b/c creative had absolutely nothing for either one of these guys.
some type of Divas thingy – this will probably be the only time of the year fans will actually give a shit about the womens division, so can we PLEASE get Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma?!?



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