Mr. Perfect Woulda Been 54 Today: RIP Curt Hennig

wrasslin’ is littered with wrasslers who passed well before their time. Mr. Perfect is one of my all-time favourites, and I was extremely verklempt, when I heard the news of his passing, in 2003. Mr. Perfect was one of the best all-around performers to ever grace the squared circle. no one could touch him in terms of athletic prowess, and he was also one of the best on the mic. he will be forever lumped in with guys like Ted DiBiase and Rick Rude (RIP) as guys who were the best at what they did, but never held the WWF title *cough* Hulk Hogan *cough* not only was Perfect an excellent wrassler, but he was just as good in a non-wrasslin’ role (most notably in his role as Ric Flair’s personal adviser when Flair won the 1992 Royal Rumble, and WWF title) the eventual face turn at Survivor Series that year, lead to Perfect beating Flair in a loser leaves WWF, in one of the earliest RAWs, circa January 1993. in short, Mr. Perfect was FUCKING AWESOME! it’s a shame that they won’t let his son (Michael McGillicutty) wrassle under the family name, but I digress. RIP Mr. Perfect, I know u and Randy Savage are tearin’ down the house, up there in heaven…


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