‘Cuz 12 Out Of 13 Ain’t Bad

we had so much shit to watch last week, that we spread it out over two nites. 13 shows in all, 12 of which were good. I won’t factor the terrible show into my ratings, b/c it was a one-off. for those of u keeping score, hipsterscum only watched South Park.

Odd Job Jack – animated show from Cananaduh about a guy who bounces around from job to job. the episode we watched had him working for his mother at an ad agency. saw Tom Arnold in the opening credits, knew it was gonna suck ass…I was right! Wrath didn’t like the animation, vowed to never watch another episode.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole – Hyralius, the monster who likes making jokes about Asian stereotypes runs amok. Ken Jeong (Hangover) supplies the voices of all the characters.


The Simpsons – everyone at the plant is replaced by robots (voiced by Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation) the robots eventually turn on mankind, when Homer reprograms them to kill

Check It Out – season 2 premiere has Dr. Steve Brule exploring the world of Boats. this bit was made even funnier, by Steve’s constant vomiting. Ronnie Rodriguez (known as the world’s best Johnny Depp impersonator) makes a guest appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Check It Out

Family Guy – Stewie conducts an experiment to see if Brian and Peter would actually be friends, if they didn’t live together.

American Dad – Stan’s painful childhood memories prevent him from giving up on Steve’s puppy, after it is crushed by a hot air balloon full of pirate cats.

Cleveland Show – Cleveland’s attempts to bond with his father, are derailed by Junior’s ability to correctly pick college basketball winners. this rift causes Cleveland to join up with his father’s rival in a father-son golf tournament

Archer – Season 3 finale guest starring Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as the leader of mutineers aboard the international space station. ISIS is in dire need of a captain, after Cyril accidentally kills the only man capable of flying the ship back to Earth.


Unsupervised – Gary and Joel feel discriminated against, when the school refuses to let them donate blood. the Principal and baseball coach change their mind, thinking younger blood will help revitalize them. the no-prize here was that they were too stupid to bother to check if Gary and Joel had acceptable blood types.

Bob’s Burgers – Bob and Linda attempt to capitalize on the free advertising, while there’s a bank robbery going on across the street.

Delocated – TB is disgusted when he finds out his mom is dating The Glaze; Jon dates a Chinese woman, who turns out to be Korean.


South Park – Stan’s uncle pays $6000 for a bolo tie, causing the boys to take up a crusade against the home shopping networks.

South Park

Ugly Americans – Mark switches teams in the company football game, after Randall replaces him at work; Callie pimps Leonard, so she can get a sweet new ride.

Ugly Americans

XianZ: +8
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10


3 Responses to “‘Cuz 12 Out Of 13 Ain’t Bad”

  1. Clint Says:

    Out of all of those, Ugly Americans is the one I remember the least! I don’t remember that plot!

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