Ultimate Surrender – S9E30 – (9) Penny Play vs. (10) Audrey Rose

we have a real treat for all the D&D fanboys out there, as Penny Play aka “The Tarrasque” makes her triumphant return to Ultimate Surrender, after a 3.5 year absence. her one and only match, was a loss to the Captor of Sin, way back in season 6. in the interim, Penny had a kid, but now The Tarrasque is back to feed on an overburdened mid-card.

Audrey Rose is one of the standout noobz of season 9. after losing to Holly Heart in her debut match, Audrey scored a mild upset over Serena Blair, in week 23. Audrey is cumming off a win on the tag circuit, with her partner Isamar “The Academy” Gutierrez, over Rain DeGrey and Bryn Blayne.

this was one of the more evenly-matched pairings we’ve had this season. a returning veteran with just one match under her belt, against a noob, in her third singles match. experience did not win out on this day, as Penny held off Audrey for a 166-157 victory. Penny showed off her mad specs appeal in round 4, while pounding Audrey’s asshole with a green strap-on, in a variety of positions. the Goddess of Sodomy was your referee, but did not participate in round 4. it’s great to see Penny back, as she has the potential to get to the 1/4 finals of Summer Vengeance, if not further. Audrey is the next best noob, after Bryn, and depending on the draw, could make it to the 1/4 finals as well.

there was no tag match last Friday, with Serena Blair pulling out, due to safety concerns. she is still training, so don’t rule out a return. the Princess Donna era officially begins today, with the first two matches scheduled, with her as Director. we here at IGRO hope Donna retains the Goddess of Sodomy as everyone’s favourite referee. only a slight change to the bottom of the ladder, from last week’s rankings:

01. AX
05. RAIN
06. BRYN

Penny Play


5 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E30 – (9) Penny Play vs. (10) Audrey Rose”

  1. Joe Says:

    Epic round 4. Penny’s smack talk rivals Rain’s

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Yes, Penny feels the need to get a reaction when she is fucking a loser by pushing her as hard as she can. It makes for a tense,edgy Rd4 with plenty of interchange. It also makes me want to see Penny get beaten and fucked so that she can get a taste of her own medicine.

  3. SHAWN Says:

    celticfrostedflakes i m missing ur update

  4. a nostalgic vendetta fan Says:

    this blog was great, too bad it isn’t updated anymore

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