Can’t Talk Right Now, I’m Watching My Little Pony

My Little Pony
when Rainbow Dash’s former lover pays a visit to that place where all the ponies live, Pinkie Pie puts her plastic cock-blocking skills to good use. u watch Pinkie Pie chasing Rainbow Dash, and it’s like Pepe Le Pew chasing that cat that had a painted stripe, to make her look like a skunk. after watching this episode, I became a full-on My Little Brony!


I don’t wanna go into too much detail about this episode, other than to say it kinda felt like a series finale. even tho it wasn’t even a season finale. if u look at PFFR’s track record, a three-season show would be par for the course. it’s best to go out while you’re on top, and this was the best season to date! there is a reunion episode/season finale this Thursday nite.


Check It Out
Dr. Steve Brule explores Pleasure. he goes to the candy store, where he breaks his teeth on a lollipop. he goes to the county fair, where he breaks his nose on a roller coaster. he goes to a bath house, where he may have been violated. he eats a mystical root, which causes him to freak out.


South Park
cat-breading becomes the hot new meme, and everyone now thinks cats have evolved to the intelligence level of humans. Cartman struggles to keep the art of Faith Hilling relevant.

South Park

Ugly Americans
Twayne quits when Mark’s comedy roast of him goes too far. Mark takes over, and immediately runs into problems, when he shuts down the Department of Birthdays.

Ugly Americans

American Dad
trading places episode where Jeff and Haley become the heads of household, and Stan and Francine live on a minimum-wage salary for a month; Roger and Steve test drive the car of their dreams.

Bob’s Burgers
Bob gets a new ice cream machine; Linda teaches the kids synchronized swimming class.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole
Victor builds a robot, so he can see what he really looks like, and doesn’t like the results.

we also watched three episodes of Robot Chicken. my average score was 6-6-6 (one 6, two 7s)

we’ve come to the end of an era. with my departure to set up operations on the west coast, I will no longer be frequenting the House of MagicMist. it’s been a good run…

XianZ: +10
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10


One Response to “Can’t Talk Right Now, I’m Watching My Little Pony”

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    […] Thus, the only logical step is to open our minds, ignore our fear of Bronyism, and  to finally allow ourselves to watch My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic. And with that segue, here are the reviews of the cartoons, as written by John on his blog HERE. […]

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