hello friends and lovers, this is the official recap of my first full week in LA, since I moved from the east coast. well, I continue to push forward in my epic pursuit to bridge the gap between stoner comedy and hardcore pornography. I will be performing stand-up this weekend somewhere in Hollywood. I asked a woman to step on my balls, and she declined. we came to a compromise when she agreed to wrap a burlap sack around my penis and jerk me off. it is with great pride that I announce the new head of IGRO’s east coast HQ, Wrath von MagicMist, fulfilled our request of putting King Diamond’s head on Skin Diamond’s body. it may end up getting deleted by flickr, but who gives a fuck, I may get the privilege to meet Skin in a matter of hours. yeah, I’m a pervert, and I’m extremely hilarious, too. u wanna fuck? I’m sorry I haven’t updated Ultimate surrender, but I will probably have it done within the next few days. keep hope alive, and thanks for reading! we’ll be back on a regular basis very soon…

20120404 - King Skin Diamond

One Response to “SKING DIAMOND”

  1. Grm Says:

    Hi !

    I saw you’re back on US forum … so when will you continue this blog ?


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