Ultimate Surrender – Lightweight 1/2 Final – Cheyenne Jewel vs. Darling

as I return to full-time blogging of America’s favourite lesbian sexfight promotion, Ultimate Surrender, I wanna take a brief look back at what’s been going on since then. Matt left in March 2012, creating some uncertainty as to the future of the site. Princess Donna took over, but since she already had two sites to maintain, US fell off. I feel as tho after Matt and Isis left, there were no Kink employees that cared whether the site kept going. and because it’s always better to be the person who replaced the person who replaced THE MAN, Ariel X stepped in and restored US to it’s former glory. she brought back the Royal Madness match, and introduced weight class tournaments. the roster is loaded with talent: Academy vets like Mistress Kara and Izamar Gutierrez, US veterans like Darling and Bella Rossi, the returns of top-flight competitors like Syd and Cheyenne Jewel, and the wealth of up-and-coming talent like Yasmine Loven and Bella Wilde.

the heavyweight tournament hit a snag, when Mistress Kara dropped out of the final, due to a rib injury. there was much smacktalk on Twitter, and we were relegated to Izamar vs. Penny Barber. the long-awaited rematch between Izamar and Kara, won’t happen until October at the earliest.

the featherweight championship match features Serena Blair vs. the returning Amber Rayne. Audrey Rose was the top seed in the tournament, but retired. Amber vs. Serena will be shot live June 18 at 3 PM EDT.

the lightweight tournament features the two best pound-for-pound wrestlers in the business today. Syd made her triumphant return earlier this year at Royal Madness II, and showed no signs of rust, after a 4 year absence. Syd defeated another returning veteran, Wenona, in the first 1/2 final. Cheyenne may have been off the US radar the past coupla years, but she came back as good as ever. a hard fought victory over future Hall of Famer, Darling, has earned her a spot in the final.

if you only watch one lesbian sexfight the rest of the year, let it be Cheyenne vs. Syd for the Lightweight Championship. if justice is served, these two will meet again in the Summer Vengeance Championship match, as well.

01. Syd

02. Cheyenne Jewel

03. Mistress Kara

04. Izamar Gutierrez

05. Bella Rossi

06. Darling

07. Penny Barber

08. Amber Rayne

09. Wenona

10. Yasmine Loven


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – Lightweight 1/2 Final – Cheyenne Jewel vs. Darling”

  1. Clint Says:

    Welcome back! 14 months later!

  2. shawn Says:


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