I Give Skinny Puppy’s “Weapon” Album 4/5

Skinny Puppy and Ween are neck-and-neck, in terms of my all-time favourite band. Skinny Puppy returned a few weeks ago with their 13th studio album, and 4th since re-uniting a decade ago, in “Weapon”

whether you’re a fan of their pre-breakup material, or their newer stuff, there’s something for every fan on this album. Solvent is on my list of their top 5 songs, and the updated version, sounds just as good as the original that appeared on their “Remission” release in 1984. their sound has certainly evolved over the years, while retaining their spot at the forefront of the industrial genre. this is their best album since “The Greater Wrong of the Right” (2004) I don’t know shit about music, other than I know what I like, so I’m just gonna end this review by ranking the songs in order. songs with an asterisk next to them, are ones I think will be played on an upcoming tour. SO TOUR, GAWDAMNIT!!!

01. Solvent *

02. Survivalisto

03. Salvo *

04. Tsudanama *

05. Wornin’ *

06. Terminal

07. Plasticage

08. Paragun

09. Glowbel

10. Illisit *



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