Total Recall: Fecal Transplant Edition

what should have been a time to celebrate catching up with old friends, turned into another traumatic experience, as I succumbed to my alcoholism. I tried desperately to pace myself, and for a while I was, but ultimately I blacked out, and left me ashamed of myself. I have hit rock bottom before, and there is a list a mile long of incidents where my dealings with alcohol have gone awry. I’ve been to AA, I’ve spent six weeks in a halfway house, I’ve known ppl who have lost their battle with alcoholism. I’ve battled this disease off and on for the last 20 years, and I never seem to learn my lesson. these past three months have been some of the roughest of my life, both financially and personally. sadly, my frustration boils over, manifesting itself in the form of my alcoholism. I guess what I am trying to say, is that I’m completely dissatisfied with every aspect of my life.

from what I do remember of Saturday nite, we came up with the idea for Total Recall: Fecal Transplant Edition. basically, u pay for memory implants to find out what it would be like to take a shit as any famous person throughout history.

other key talking points included the false dichotomy of the left-right paradigm shift, gun owners are the new al-qaeda, 9/11 conspiracy theories, the global elite’s plan to reduce world population to 500 million within the next 20 years (see Bilderberg) Obamacare, economic implosion by design, and the Amero, which is the name of the new unit of currency, that will be introduced after the Dollar collapses, and the US merges with Canada and Mexico, forming the North American Union. BUY GOLD!!! it’s what the folks who print our worthless money are doing.

to end this post on a positive note, I won a game of Left, Centre, Right. oh, and GWAR is tonite…


One Response to “Total Recall: Fecal Transplant Edition”

  1. Says:

    Hey at least you remember the high points, mang! Shit always seems more stressful when in a time of flux. Things’ll get better.

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