Danzig @ Golden Gods Awards

what the fuck are the Golden Gods Awards? who knows, and who cares, b/c just as Danzig says following Hammer of the Gods “we haven’t been on tv since 1994, b/c these award shows suck a big dick!” other highlights include seeing Johnny Kelly (formerly of Type O Negative) on drums. Doyle joining Danzig on-stage to perform the last three songs. Danzig talking about how Cliff Burton called him up one nite while he (Burton) was shitfaced and asking for the lyrics to Last Caress. last but not least, the woman at 5:19. hey baby, huhuhuhuhuh

Hammer of the Gods -> Mother -> Death Comes Ripping -> Skulls -> Last Caress


One Response to “Danzig @ Golden Gods Awards”

  1. Clint Says:

    All this time, and Danzig still doesn’t know how to hold a microphone.

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