Summer Vengeance VII – Week 1 – Lyla Storm vs. Missy Minks

with Ariel X withdrawn from competition, while she recovers from a torn ACL, we are guaranteed to have a first-time winner of Summer Vengeance. the tournament kicks off with Lyla Storm taking on Missy Minks.

after going thru some growing pains, and an 0-7 record in her rookie campaign, Lyla went 3-0 in season 10, and then was knocked out in the 1/2 final round of the featherweight tournament by Amber Rayne. Missy Minks is wrestling in just her second match, losing to Audrey Rose, in her US debut.

this was a fun light-hearted match that left a few members disappointed. Lyla continues to improve as a low mid-carder, and u must give her propz for sticking around. she has a passion for the site for few others have. the competition kicks up a notch for Lyla, as she faces my personal favourite of the new school, Yasmine Loven, in the next round. Missy Minks could be pretty good, if she decides to return next season. Summer Vengeance continues next week with newly-crowned featherweight champion, Serena Blair facing Beretta James.



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