Summer Vengeance VII – Week 2 – Beretta James vs. Serena Blair

newly-crowned Featherweight champion, Serena Blair takes on Beretta James, in the second of four first-round matches. Serena defeated Amber Rayne for the Featherweight title a coupla weeks ago, and is looking to carry her momentum into Summer Vengeance. Serena holds a victory over Beretta from their previous meeting in Royal Madness II, earlier this year. Beretta has been honing her skill on the tag circuit, under the tutelage of the Nightmare. she went 2-0, during the regular season, and is chomping at the bit to exact some revenge on Ms. Blair.

the million dollar question of this match is did Serena come into this match feeling a bit overconfident. perhaps so, as Beretta scored the mild upset victory via TKO. the match had to be stopped, when Serena injured her knee, in round 3. round 4 was sublime! Beretta may have secured a title shot vs, Serena somewhere down the line, and advances in SV to face Wenona in the second round.


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