Local Idiot Disappointed That Woman Didn’t Name Her Child After Popluar Line Of Vacuum Cleaners

I played my first game of Munchkin the other day.  it’s like Magic in that you tap shit and whatnot. you can be a cleric, fight things like a level 8 gazebo. it’s one of the few games I can think of, where it’s beneficial for your character to die. other players can help you in battle in exchange for goods and services. while other players can play enemy cards against you, if you’re close to winning. it’s all about the levels, brah! I almost won, but I had to be walked thru my turn every time. eventually, dharmata101, also playing in his first game of Munchkin, won. much to my dismay, the record will not show that I finished 2nd. it was a longer than usual game, since two of the five players were noobs) it felt like between 2-3 hours (games are usually about an hour long) I started zoning out toward the end, as I got distracted thinking about that time I tried to pick up Kristina Rose in a 7-11.

there was talk of my friend’s sister having another kid. when it was revealed they would name it Dyson, I asked “oh, you mean like the vacuum cleaner?” apparently, there is some sorta fancypants mathematicalizer what works with numberations and such. they explained to me about some kinda spherical object that he invented, possibly circular in shape, like an oval. anyways, I didn’t understand none of that shit, so they had to break it down even further, by relating it to something out of Halo. but since I don’t own an XBOX, I just zoned out again, and went back to thinking about that time I tried to pick up Kristina Rose in a 7-11.




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