King Diamond Appreciation Day XXVIII

legend has it that on this very nite, 236 years ago, King Diamond’s great-great-great-great grandfather, Jebediah Obediah Hezekiah Diamond, pushed his pregnant wife down the stairs, after she forgot to record an episode of Scandinavia’s Got Talent. in 1987, King Diamond released the seminal classic, Abigail. a concept album based loosely on the events that preceded it. centuries earlier.

picture it, Copenhagen, Denmark, summer of 1845, Jonathan La’Fey and his wife, Miriam Natias, move into the mansion that Jonathan inherited. seven horsemen greet the couple upon their arrival, warning them not to move in. Jonathan meets with the family ghost, who shows him a cradle with the stillborn corpse of the child (Abigail) Miriam is carrying. the ghost asks Jonathan to kill his wife, in order to prevent the birth. it turns out this isn’t the first time the ghost (Count La’Fey) has had a run-in with Abigail. the Count threw his pregnant wife down the stairs, resulting in a broken neck for his wife, and Abigail’s death. it is also revealed Abigail is a bastard child. the next day, Miriam is clearly pregnant. at her behest, Jonathan decides to throw Miriam down the stairs, but she pulls a serve, by throwing him down the stairs instead. sadly, Miriam does not survive the birth, and Abigail is left all alone, as the horsemen return, with plans to destroy her.

so that is why every July 7, we celebrate the man, the myth, the legend, that is King Diamond. in addition to the Abigail album, I would also recommend Fatal Portrait and Them. and also the first Mercyful Fate album, Melissa, which helped launch the black metal genre. it is a classic, and my favourite King Diamond work.

“if you want to get the stragglers to leave a party, just put some King Diamond on.” -Wrath von MagicMist



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