Black Sabbath “13” 4/5

Black Sabbath is back with “13” their first album with Ozzy Osbourne, since 1978. I’m not a huge fan of Ozzy or Black Sabbath, but I do appreciate their music. I remember liking the first single “God Is Dead?” and the promise of a new album left me cautiously optimistic. my friend had a listening party for the album, to mixed reviews.

I’ve had it in my heavy rotation for the past coupla weeks now, and feel like I can compile an educated list of songs in order of preference. interesting to note that the tracks are grouped in couplets with a song that either immediately precedes or follows it. five of the eight songs clock in at 7+ minutes, but none of them have that dragged-out feeling. in fact, my two least-favourite tracks (comparatively speaking) are of the shorter variety.

I can’t add anything as to the technical aspects of the album, but for anyone on the fence, I suggest checking out this comprehensive review

he makes a good point about questionable track sequencing, as the first two songs (both 8+ minutes) may not be the best way to indoctrinate new fans. I didn’t have a problem with the track lengths, for the reason I mentioned above. it also helps that I like Type O Negative, a band who for a time were known for having songs that routinely ran over 10 minutes. I would consider myself a casual fan, and I recommend this album to casual and old school Sabbath fans alike.

05 Age Of Reason 5/5
06 Live Forever 5/5
01 End Of Beginning 5/5
02 God Is Dead? 4/5
08 Dear Father 4/5
07 Damaged Soul 4/5
04 Zeitgeist 3/5
03 Loner 3/5

average song rating 4.13 (rounded up from 4.125)
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10

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