Summer Vengeance VII – Week 4 – Penny Barber vs. Elizabeth Thorn

the opening round concludes with a welterweight collision between the seasoned veteran, Penny Barber, and the hotshot noob, Elizabeth Thorn. Rain DeGrey was originally scheduled to go up against Penny, but had to pull out of the tournament, with a rib injury. rather than give Penny a bye straight thru to a second round meeting with Bella Rossi, Elizabeth Thorn agreed to take Rain’s place.

we really like Ms. Thorn. her nickname is “The Dil-dozer” and she has a tattoo just above her vajayjay that reads “Resistance Is Futile” her comparative size, gives her a good match-up against Penny, on paper. unfortunately, Elizabeth only has one match under her belt. Penny is looking to rebound from back-to-back losses against Mistress Kara and Isamar Gutierrez (the latter of which was for the interim welterweight title)

Penny was in control from the outset, and had no problem disposing of Elizabeth, while turning in a near flawless performance. round 4 featured the victorious Penny offering up quite the unique form of humiliation, as she squirts on her vanquished opponent, then proceeds to squirt on her, shave her pubic hair, and uses honey to glue it to her face.



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