Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil (2010)

Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil contains some of my favourite things, Canadians, lesbians, and references to metal. the show revolves around four high schoolers who are in search of the book of pure evil.
Todd: stoner who likes metal and wants to fuck Jenny
Curtis: Todd’s best friend, who likes corn chips, and has a prosthetic arm
Jenny: too busy trying to find the book to go to the bone zone with Todd
Hannah: the brains of the group
Atticus Murphy, Jr. is the show’s main antagonist, and my favourite primary character. in addition to being the school guidance counselor, he also works for a Satanic cult.
there’s also Jimmy (Jason Mewes), the school janitor, who gives Todd advice, and three dudes in the school parking lot, who like to fuck with Todd

each episode, the book looks for a student who is down on their luck, and winds up making shit a whole lot worse. the show can best be described as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Dazed and Confused meets Tales From the Crypt wrapped inside a GWAR video.

the native rating for this show on imdb is 7.8, which is almost a full point lower than my rating. I assigned a numerical score to each episode between 1-5. three episodes scored a 1, three episodes scored a 2, six episodes scored a 3, seven episodes scored a 4, seven episodes scored a 5.

Season 1:
01 – Todd finds the book, and uses it to become a better guitar player, in hopes of wooing Jenny away from her douchebag boyfriend 4
02 – Hannah creates a homunculus for her science project, that looks like Todd 4
03 – a goth chick has zombie rock stars chained up in her basement 5
04 – a bullied gay student uses the book to turn everyone else gay, turning himself straight, in the process 4
05 – the fattest girl in the school becomes skinny, but the excess fat becomes a monster 4
06 – the slowest kid in school uses the book to create smoke that turns everyone into stoners 4
07 – lesbians…twins…’nuff said 5
08 – a bully with a small penis uses the book to make his dong life-size 3
09 – a girl uses the book to become pregnant, giving birth to a giant baby 1
10 – a basketball player uses the book to improve his game, channeling the ghost of a former player 2
11 – a girl uses the book to improve her singing skills, but backfires…musical episode 2
12 – a genius chess player is convinced that Todd is the pure evil one 4
13 – Curtis uses the book to give himself a new arm 5

Season 2:
01 – senior citizens at the retirement home become zombies 3
02 – a lonely girl uses the book to catch new friends 3
03 – Jenny’s father wakes from his coma, but has a hard time fitting in with the gang 5
04 – cheerleaders transform into roided up juiceheads 3
05 – hippie chick uses the book to make the school go green, which turns everyone into neanderthals, in the process 4
06 – a student uses the book to turn the school into an RPG 5
07 – a chronic masturbater turns himself invisible 1
08 – the a/v club uses the book to trap Todd in a movie 5
09 – a Puritan girl uses a giant cake to steal ppl’s birthdays 2
10 – part two of the musical episode from season 1 1
11 – Todd and Curtis go all American Pie by making a pact to lose their virginity at a house party 3
12 – Todd is transported to a future where Atticus has taken over 3
13 – Todd and Atticus throw down to see who the real pure evil one is 5

the show was cancelled after two seasons, but they are going to make an animated movie (set to come out in 2014) that will serve as the series finale. it’s a good show, even if some of the storylines were really fucking stupid. I AM…NOT A TODDIE! *insert sad trombone here*




6 Responses to “Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil (2010)”

  1. Clint Says:

    I think the Three Dudes are actually an incarnation of the Weird Sisters / Wyrd Sisters, as previously depicted in Gargoyles and Sabbat‘s album Dreamweaver

  2. Clint Says:

    You’re not a Toddie?!?!

  3. VIDEO: SHOWS: REVIEW: Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil (2010) | Clint's blog Says:

    […] VIDEO: SHOWS: REVIEW: Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil (2010) […]

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