Summer Vengeance VII – Week 6 – Wenona Advances By Forfeit

Beretta James is coming off a first round victory over Featherweight champion, Serena Blair, but could not continue on in the tournament. Wenona advances, with the unenviable task of facing Mistress Kara, in the 1/4 finals. this week’s update is the edited broadcast of last month’s Featherweight title match between Serena and Amber Rayne. in what may be the biggest “HOLY SHIT!” moment in US history, Amber accidentally chokes herself out, while trying to apply a submission hold on Serena. that was enough to sway the outcome in Serena’s favour. the match is stopped at 4:08 of round 2, when Amber begrudgingly admits she is wrestling with a broken nose. it seems as tho we may have seen the last of Amber on US mats.

next Friday is the live tag team season finale. Team Nightmare holds a 412-point lead over Team Dragon. Syd will be out of the country, but has hand-picked her traning partner, Jayogen, to take her place. Mistress Kara is out of action for Team Dragon, and will be replaced by Sophia Fiore. here’s the rest of the rosters:

Bella Wilde
Bella Rossi
Isamar Gutierrez
Beretta James

Cheyenne Jewel
Penny Barber
Serena Blair
Daisy Ducati
Sophia Fiore

the teams are broken down into three pairs, with each pair wrestling one round. an epic gangbang will take place after the match. safe money says Team Nightmare will be avenging their defeat from Super Mega Awesome Battle Dream Supreme.


Editor’s note: shortly after we went to press with this story, Ariel X reported that Mistress Kara is out of Summer Vengeance, and has been replaced by Sophia Fiore. at 5’10” 165, Sophia certainly has the size to overpower any opponent. she may even be able to beat Wenona, but this is now Syd’s tournament to lose. also, AX may have spoiled that Cheyenne Jewel and Isamar will meet in one 1/2 final.


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