Partygoers Recall Local Alcoholic’s Ill-Fated Dispute With Ottoman Recliner

I was involved in an 8-person game of Munchkin, it took almost 2.5 hours to play. at any given moment, it was a 1:1 ratio as far as players who were and weren’t paying attention. on one of my turns, I drew a level 1 chair, which is when my friend exclaimed “I’ve seen you lose a fight with a chair!” it was true, and if I can’t laugh at myself, I’ll never be able to pretend to admit that I don’t have a problem with not controlling my drinking. long story short, I defeated the level 1 chair, but finished the game in 4th place.

we talked a little bit about NYC mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner. his wife is a former aide to Hillary Clinton, so she learned from the best, when it comes to sticking around with cheating spouses. I hear he’s had online relationships with like 10 different women, but he’s kind of a lightweight. I once had online relations with 21 different women at the same time, 8 of which resulted in open and honest relationships.

there was a pretty epic jam session featuring members of dharmata101, Carnival Machine Armada, and Atheist Tambourine. Wrath von MagicMist broke out the trombone. it was at this moment I decided we should re-record the …And Justice For All album and lay trombone tracks over the parts where there should’ve been bass. every song will have the word “trombone” inserted into the title. pre-order …And Trombone For All now, and receive The Beatles Anthology, remastered with newly-added randomly-placed trombone sounds, at no extra charge.

I listened to Ghost for the first time. the lead singer looks like a cross between King Diamond and Papa Shango, and sounds like the guy from Tiamat (they’re both Swedish bands) the other musicians in the band prefer to remain anonymous, so they dress on-stage in hooded robes and masks, which reminds me of The Residents. I tried to listen to one song, and it was painful. I tried to listen to another song, and the video opened with fans “confessing” how much they love the band. my favourite video tho was their performance at Coachella with the lead singer in full pope garb, his skull mask/corpse paint thingy…and sunglasses. I had seen enough, give this band the golden can of corn award!

I’ll get to the nite of tv viewing in tomorrow’s post…


One Response to “Partygoers Recall Local Alcoholic’s Ill-Fated Dispute With Ottoman Recliner”

  1. Clint Says:

    2_…And Trombone For All
    3_Trombone Of The Beholder
    5_The Shortest Trombone
    6_Trombone Of Sorrow
    7_The Frayed Trombones Of Sanity
    8_To Live Is To Trombone (instrumental)
    9_Trombones Eve

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