Summer Vengeance VII – Week 7 – Darling Advances; Team Nightmare Wins Tag Titles

Bella Wilde was an absolute pleasure to watch on the mats in season 11, and is a favourite for rookie of the year. her undefeated run in singles competition comes to a grinding halt against Darling. Darling is the longest-tenured wrestler on the active roster, and the only woman to compete in all seven Summer Vengeance tournaments. she enters this year’s tournament ranked 6th, coming off another undefeated regular season. she is a sure-fire hall-of-famer, and arguably the best wrestler to have never won Summer Vengeance. this match was over from the getgo, as Darling was unrelenting, punishing Bella with multiple submission holds, including backbreakers and chokeholds. Darling has certainly kicked it up a notch, and hopefully she can carry it over to her showdown with Isamar in the 1/4 finals. the second round concludes next week with an epic clash between budding rivals Bella Rossi and Penny Barber.

the tag team season finale was last nite. the Goddess of Sodomy returned in a co-refereee role. Team Nightmare had a 412 point lead heading into the match, which proved to be too wide of a margin for Team Dragon to come back from. Syd was out of the country, but her hand-picked replacement, Jayogen, who trains with Syd, picked up the slack. Mistress Kara was unable to compete for Team Dragon, and was replaced by Sophia Fiore. congratulations to Syd for captaining her team to the tag titles, and thus becoming the fourth woman to capture the triple crown of Ultimate Surrender. no word on how the new tag season will play out, but I would prefer to see it go back to the old format of five or six teams of two.



2 Responses to “Summer Vengeance VII – Week 7 – Darling Advances; Team Nightmare Wins Tag Titles”

  1. shawn Says:

    i missed the tag team season finale, i need a spoiler on that please,

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I didn’t see the tag finale either, but Syd’s team won. the only other thing I heard about the match was Dragon and Cheyenne were paired up, and won their round. I dunno who they wrestled. I’ve never seen Jayogen wrestle before, so I’m very interested to see how she did. training with Syd has gotta be worth at least a coupla matches worth of experience. even with Mistress Kara on Dragon’s team, I still thought Syd had a better team from top to bottom. Daisy and Sophia’s lack of experience probably hurt their chances of making a comeback. in a situation like that, I dunno why they didn’t team them up with Dragon and Cheyenne. it’ll be interesting to see how the pairings and match-ups play out. I think they start updating the match on August 15.

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