Some Shows I Watched

High School USA!
the students are studying for the SATs. Cassandra pretends to be Native American. Blackstein pretends to be gay. 1/5


Axe Cop
Axe Cop hosts a 4th of July BBQ, and tells the story of his great-great-great-great grandfather who fought the King of England for possession of the Secret Attack Almanac during the Revolutionary War. 2/5


the President of the Navy (Rob Riggle) is the target of an assassination plot at the commencement ceremony. it’s up to Edroid (Ed Helms) to stop it. 4/5


Childrens Hospital
during a day of sightseeing, Blake’s son is witness to a mob murder. Officer Briggs returns with a new partner, played by Jaleel White. 5/5


new seasons of Squidbillies and Aqua Teen Hunger Force start this coming Sunday!


One Response to “Some Shows I Watched”

  1. Clint Says:

    How can you give these shows 1/5? You hated them?!? I mean, they’re way better than a 3-D Jonas Brothers Concert!!

    HSUSA: 3.6/5, 7/10

    Axe Cop is like … so crazy. I often have no idea what just happened. Has that kind of feel you get from Aqua Teen, but maybe with a little Perfect Hair Forever and Assy McGee sprinkled on top…. 3.6/5, 7/10

    At least we agree on the last 2 shows 🙂

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