Los Hombres Que Miran Fijamente A Las Cabras (2009)

Ewan McGregor is Bob Wilton. a journalist who takes a job following a government psyops agent around Iraq.
Jeff Bridges is Bill Django. a Vietnam vet, who gets shot, and returns home, to start the New Earth Army.
George Clooney is Lynn Cassady, the top recruit in Django’s army of psychic warriors.
Kevin Spacey is Larry Hooper, the antagonist and Clooney’s fellow warrior, who is jealous of his psychic powers.
Stephen Root, Robert Patrick, and Nick Offerman have bit roles.

Jeff Bridges is the only actor, of the main four, that I like. from the previews, it looked like this was a comedy. the funny parts were few and far between. I found it extremely confusing. I couldn’t tell whether Clooney’s character was being serious about his psychic abilities, or just fucking with McGregor. I didn’t care much for the ending, and in general, watching this movie was a waste of time. maybe if you’re a hardcore conspiracy theorist, u would enjoy this. the native rating on imdb is 6.3, but that’s being generous.


netflix: 2/5
imdb: 4.2/10



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