Trent Reznor Takes Break From Making Shitty Music With Hot Filipino Wife, To Release Album People Actually Want To Listen To

a lot has happened since the last time Nine Inch Nails released new material. I attended an Ultimate Surrender match, I was kicked in the head by Jared Louche at a Chemlab show, and I had sex with a woman who once auditioned for a Ford Focus commercial.

if u were following NIN’s twitter feed a week ago, then u no doubt saw they were streaming the new album for free via itunes. after giving Hesitation Marks a few good listens, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this is their best album since The Downward Spiral. there’s only three songs that aren’t quite up to par. “Came Back Haunted” and “Copy Of A” are the first two singles, and have been getting positive reviews from concertgoers on the current tour. “All Time Low” is my personal favourite, with it’s funky porno movie kinda beat. “I Would For You” is the customary NIN love ballad. “Satellite” is the song u might hear in the dancehalls, as it’s a catchy song that could be used to attract the casual fan who may only be familiar with “Closer” “Everything” is possibly the most upbeat NIN song they’ve ever released. I think it’s just about Trent’s trials and tribulations surviving in the music industry. “Running” is another good song, very simple with a catchy hook. it’s great to have Trent Reznor back on the landscape, as this year has provided plenty of good music from bands I enjoy. Hesitation Marks is a welcome addition, and should be considered a strong buy for anyone who considers themselves a NIN fan.

05 All Time Low 5/5
02 Copy Of A 5/5
11 I Would For You 5/5
09 Various Methods Of Escape 5/5
08 Satellite 5/5
04 Find My Way 4/5
03 Came Back Haunted 4/5
10 Running 4/5
07 Everything 3/5
13 While I’m Still Here 2/5
12 In Two 2/5
06 Disappointed 2/5

average song rating: 3.83
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 7.5/10

tracks 1 and 14 were omitted from this list, as they are intro and outro. track 1 isn’t really much of a song, and track 14 is just a continuation of the previous track.



One Response to “Trent Reznor Takes Break From Making Shitty Music With Hot Filipino Wife, To Release Album People Actually Want To Listen To”

  1. Clint Says:

    I look forward to hearing it

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