Ultimate Surrender Europa League Preview

for the girls who won’t qualify for the granddaddy of all lesbian sexfight tournaments, Summer Vengeance, there is the Europa League. eight girls with relatively the same amount of experience (a handful of singles matches) have been drawn into a single-elimination bracket to determine the top rookie of season 11.

Daisy Ducati cut her teeth in last season’s tag league. she is 2-1 in singles competition, with a loss to the now former welterweight champion, Isamar Gutierrez, sandwiched around wins over Mia Li and Mona Wales.standing in her way, will be Micah Halili, who could pass for DragonLily’s twin sister. Micah won her first match over Ana Foxxx.

Alexa Aimes scored an impressive debut victory, when she upset Lyla Storm.  her 1/4 final opponent, Nikki Hearts, lost her only match in spectacular fashion, 1180-0, to Bella Rossi, in the most lopsided match of the season

Mia Li vs. Carissa Montgomery could prove to be the most competitive match-up of the 1/4 finals. both girls have muscular builds and booming tits. Mia is 0-2 with losses to Daisy and Holly Heart. Carissa lost her US debut to Bella Rossi. interesting to note, Carissa and Mia have the lowest combined point total of any of the 1/4 final matches, with 44 points from their 3 matches.

Ana Foxxx vs. Mona Wales could prove to be the most erotic match-up of the 1/4 finals. with both ladies sitting at 0-2 on the season, this will be another match where someone is guaranteed their first ever win. I expect it will be low-scoring, where the first one to 50 wins.

I’m taking Daisy vs. Ana and Mia vs. Alexa for the 1/2 final round. Daisy should be able to get past Ana by a margin of 75-100 points. Alexa and Mia were pretty evenly matched during their brief encounters in the recent tag team match. I’ll say Alexa wins by a margin of 50 or less.

the final should be a real slobberknocker. Daisy is my pick for rookie of the year, and Ariel X seems to think Alexa will go very far at US. no surprise that they are the top two seeds, and should meet in the final. Daisy will win by 25 points or less!

I believe every match has already been shot, and happy to report, it was injury-free.

last Friday, the showdown between Mistress Kara and Isamar Gutierrez, for Isamar’s welterweight title went live on the site. questions of whether Kara was ducking Isamar, as it relates to a rib injury that kept Kara out of action for the second half of 2013, were quickly put to rest. domination with a side of DP (with help from AX) for dessert. so the question now becomes, with word that Syd will not be competing in this year’s Summer Vengeance, and AX status yet to be confirmed, is it safe to assume Kara will pull the double? I honestly don’t believe anyone can beat Kara. maybe for this year’s Summer Vengeance they can do a round-robin between Kara, Isamar, Cheyenne Jewel, and Penny Barber.

Kara and Cheyenne have also been named captains for the upcoming tag season, and I’ll have more on that once the teams have been announced.




4 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender Europa League Preview”

  1. arikh Says:

    huepow, good to have you back blogging on US.

    I agree Daisy is going to take the title, but I believe it will be with a great margin in the final. she’s not a “rookie” in my eyes…


    well, everyone knows Daisy will be in the final, and that is what happend, she did won Ana in the semi final.

    the other semi final between Mia and Alexa…
    well, Mia did upset Carissa in the 1st round, rankingwise speaking, as she was ranked only 6th while Carissa was ranked 3rd.
    in the semi final against Alexa, Mia proved again she was underrated and made an upset again!
    so she’s the one who goes to the final against Daisy, it was a rematch to their 1st encounter were she lost 1054-10.
    giving the fact Mia improved very much since her 1st match, the score will be closer, but not that much.
    I predict at least 400 pts margin in Daisy’s favor.

  2. shawn Says:

    please an update on dragon lily. is she no longer wrestling in Ultimatesurrender?

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    she’s only wrestling veterans with similar levels of experience, from now on. not sure if she will be involved in Summer Vengeance.

  4. shawn Says:

    Anybody has spoilers on Mothers day edition of Ultimate surrender?

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