Metallica Through The Never…And Hopefully Never Again

if you’re like me, then you gave up on Metallica after they released the Load album in 1996. still, I couldn’t help but check out their live concert/film thingy Through The Never (2013) on Netflix. put this on the long list of terrible ideas the band has come up with as they’ve meandered thru the latter half of their increasingly unremarkable career.

live concert footage from shows they filmed in Edmonton and Vancouver mixed with footage of a roadie (who reminds me of Edward Furlong for some strange reason) sent out to the mean streets of Vancouver…British Columbia, to retrieve a valuable item in a duffel bag, for the band. a ridiculous premise for a movie that only got worse as it plodded along. this is basically a concert wrapped inside a movie wrapped inside a concert wrapped inside a hideous Christmas sweater.

I will say the stage show was mildly impressive, and with all the faux mishaps on-stage like a non-working mic, and a faulty lighting rig, there was a small part of me that felt like I was watching a live action version of a Metalocalypse episode. I kept hoping the Lady Justice statue would topple and crush Lars, or perhaps the giant electric chair hovering above the stage would malfunction and electrocute half the audience. they also managed to break out the tried and true “roadie on fire” bit that they used on tour back in 1997 *yawn*

and speaking of lame gimmicks from yesteryear, I realize it was just part of the show, but I thought it was pretty gawdamn stupid that they had crew members on-stage assembling the Lady Justice statue while the band was playing …AJFA. I liked it better the first time I saw it, 25 years ago, on the Damaged Justice tour

even tho I know absolutely nothing about how to write or play music, it’s pretty clear that Lars no longer practices drums, James is a gawdawful singer, Kirk can still play most of the solos, and the bass player looked way more excited to be there, than most of the fans in attendance. not sure how this movie has a 7.3 rating on imdb. probably a bunch of diehard Metallica fans did a lot of drugs, and then watched it in Imax 3-D. I’m back in the new year, baby!

netflix: 2/5

imdb: 4/10

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One Response to “Metallica Through The Never…And Hopefully Never Again”

  1. Clint Says:

    I heard that this wasn’t that great, and never ended up trying to watch it. Sounds like I might have made the right decision?

    Good to have you back! Is this a new post, or a post-dated old one? 😉

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