Mobile Housing Community Lads: Season 8

after a seven year-hiatus, Netflix has resurrected another cult tv classic, in the form of Trailer Park Boys. the story of three lifelong friends who are petty criminals that live in Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Nova Scotia…CANADA! this show is shot in the mockumentary “let’s cut away to talk to the camera” style that seems to be all the rage these days.

there’s Julian, who’s the brains behind the operations, and always has the best interests of the trailer park in mind, even tho his best laid schemes eventually come undone. he is best known for always having a drink in his hand. there’s Ricky, who reminds me of a cross between Seth Rogen and John Candy. he’s not the sharpest pudding in the fannie pack, and is often times drunk and/or stoned. and finally there’s Bubbles, who exhibits the most common sense of the group, but ends up getting caught up in the schemes one way or another. he’s one part rain man and one part paranoid neurotic, who likes kittens and wears glasses so thick, you could probably fry an ant with them.

for the first six seasons, the boys were joined by bumbling stooges, Cory and Trevor. Trevor left after season 6, due to a pay dispute, but Cory returned after missing season 7. Philadelphia “Phil” Collins son, Jacob, replaced Trevor in season 7. fans of the show will be happy to know that everyone who was a cast regular has come back, including the disembodied voice who is often heard yelling obscenities from off-camera at the boys whenever something is afoot. sadly Phil Collins and “Shitty” Bill both passed away in 2013.

the main antagonists are Jim Lahey, an ex-cop turned alcoholic who runs Sunnyvale along with his on-again off-again boyfriend/assistant Randy, who likes cheeseburgers and never wears a shirt. every season begins and ends the same, with the boys coming up with a get rich quick scheme only to wind up getting busted and going to jail at season’s end. season 8 opens with the ownership rights to the trailer park up for grabs after Jim Lahey’s ex-wife, Barb, splits from her current husband, Sam Losco. with Barb and Sam each having 49.5% stake in the park, each of them works to convince Jim to sell his 1% share, to become majority owner. Barb teams up with Julian and Co. while Sam becomes partners with Cyrus, who was a recurring villain in seasons 1, 2, 4, and 5.

in order to come up with the necessary funds to buy out Lahey, Julian opens a strip club that serves free drinks, with donations appreciated. Ricky is still growing dope, and has come up with his own form of currency “hash coins” which he uses to barter with local merchants. he is trying to get back with Lucy, and his daughter, Trinity, is all grown up, and working as a waitress at Julian’s club. Bubbles wants to run an honest business as the proprietor of a bed and breakfast that caters to ppl with cats.

there are 10 episodes total in season 8, and they are all pretty solid. it’s almost like they never missed a beat. I’m really excited to hear there will be a season 9 released on Netflix in March, and rumour has it that they are writing seasons 10 and 11 this month. I wanna mention that I avoided watching the handful of movies they released b/c I was afraid it would dampen my opinion of the show and/or subsequent enthusiasm for the show when it was brought back. I may go back and watch them, but not until after the show has officially wrapped.

netflix: 4/5

imdb: 9/10



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