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The 100 Greatest GWAR Songs Ever Written

March 23, 2015

it was one year ago today, that the music industry lost an icon, and Canaduh lost a national treasure. Oderus Urungus (real name Dave Brockie) died of a heroin overdose. this is #2 on my list of musician deaths (behind Peter Steele) that hit me the hardest. not afraid to admit, I shed a few tears. as an homage to the grand scumdog of the universe, I present my list of the 100 greatest songs GWAR ever wrote. this is by no means a scientific list, as I could have very easily included every song from some albums. that being said, Scumdogs of the Universe has 10 songs on this list (I feel it’s their best work) as does Ragnarok, and a few others have 8 or 9. I included the entire GWAR universe for consideration, so there are songs from various side projects including The Dave Brockie Experience, Koszonom, MC Rhythmless, and X-Cops.

001 5-0

002 (Re)Flux

003 America Must Be Destroyed

004 Americanized

005 Anti-Anti-Christ

006 Apes of Wrath

007 Barbells

008 Beat You to Death

009 Beauteous Rot

010 Biledriver

011 Black and Huge

012 Bloodbath

013 Blood Mary

014 Bonesnapper

015 Bring Back The Bomb

016 Captain Crunch

017 Cavity Search

018 Cool Place to Park

019 Crack in the Egg

020 Damnation Under God

021 Death Pod

022 Eighth Lock

023 Fire In The Loins

024 Fist Full of Teeth

025 Flying Houses

026 Go to Hell

027 Gor Gor

028 Ham On The Bone

029 Hard For A ‘Tard

030 Have You Seen Me

031 I, Bonesnapper

032 I Love the Pigs

033 I’m In Love (With A Dead Dog)

034 Interloper

035 Iranian Masturbator

036 Jack the World

037 King Queen

038 Knife in Your Guts

039 Krak Down

040 Krosstika

041 KZ Necromancer

042 Lords and Masters

043 Lost God

044 Maggots

045 Martyr Dumb

046 Meat Sandwich

047 Metal Metal Land

048 Mr. Perfect

049 Murderer’s Muse

050 None But the Brave

051 Nothing Left Alive

052 Ollie North

053 Paddy Wagon Rape

054 Pepperoni

055 Poor Ole Tom

056 Preskool Prostitute

057 Pussy Planet

058 Ragnarok

059 Raped at Birth

060 Rock n’ Roll Never Felt So Good

061 Rock n’ Roll Party Town

062 Saddam A Gogo

063 Sexecutioner

064 Should the Ugly Girl Blow Me

065 Sick of You

066 Slap U Around

067 Slaughterama

068 Slutman City

069 Sonderkommando

070 Stalin’s Organs

071 Stuck Us With A Sucker

072 The Issue of Tissue

073 The Morality Squad

074 The New Plague

075 The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7

076 The One That Will Not Be Named

077 The Party’s Over

078 The Reaganator

079 The Salaminizer

080 The Uberklaw

081 The Ultimate Bohab

082 The Years Without Light

083 They Swallowed The Sun

084 Think You Outta Know This

085 Time For Death

086 Too Much Stuff

087 Tormentor

088 Torture

089 Triumph of the Pig Children

090 U Ain’t Shit

091 War Is All We Know

092 War Party

093 War Toy

094 Welcome to New Jersey

095 Whargoul

096 White Boy Can’t Dance

097 Womb With A View

098 You Are My Meat

099 You Can’t Kill Terror

100 Your Mother



Let’s Rank The Type O Negative Discography

March 2, 2015

hard to believe it’s already been almost 5 years since the pride and joy of Bensonhoist, Peter Steele, passed away at the age of 48. in the pantheon of dead musicians, none has hit me harder. I was fortunate enough to see Type O Negative three times, and there was nothing like it. Pete was a towering individual (standing approx. 6.5 feet tall) with a commanding stage presence, and deep baritone vocals that captivated the entire audience. but behind that, was a man who at one time struggled with his own demons including drug abuse, and was also known to be a bit of a recluse. at one show I was at, he coped with his social anxiety by nursing a bottle of wine in between songs. his self-deprecating sense of humour was the stuff of legend. so without further ado, here’s my retrospective of the TON discography:

07 – SLOW, DEEP, and HARD (1991)

a concept album based on Peter’s real-life experience with a cheating girlfriend, and his revenge fantasy of carrying out a murder/suicide. an incredibly raw album that sounds more like his previous band, Carnivore.

06 – LIFE IS KILLING ME (2003)

this is the poppiest-sounding album in the TON discography. I Don’t Wanna Be Me was a minor commercial hit, and We Were Electrocute was featured on the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack. overall, it’s a pretty decent album, just not one of their better ones.

05 – ORIGIN of the FECES (1992)

the backlash was so strong following “Slow, Deep, and Hard” that the band decided to showcase their softer, comedic side, by releasing a “live” album featuring reworked versions of songs off SD&H. this is a studio album whereby the band used only one mic for the recording, and piped in street noise to simulate a live audience. the banter Peter comes up with is creative genius. from chastizing the crowd for spending money to see them play, to an audience member bleeding on-stage, and there’s even a bomb scare thrown in for good measure. to this day, I still love quoting this album.

04 – DEAD AGAIN (2007)

Dead Again was their seventh and final studio album. it was maybe the most introspective album Peter ever wrote, with songs focusing on his spiritual side, and dealing with topics such as religion, abortion, and remorse. perhaps, he knew his time was running short and he wanted to say his proper good byes to the fans.

03 – BLOODY KISSES (1993)

the album that became an instant classic in the goth genre. Black No. 1, and Christian Woman were staples in their setlists right thru to their final shows in 2009. deeper cuts like the title track and Too Late: Frozen are my personal favourites, and they do a great, much slower version of Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts.


World Coming Down is TON’s heaviest and most depressing album. the interludes chronicle Peter’s interpretation of the ways the band members would die (Liver = alcohol abuse; Lung = cancer; Sinus = OD) there’s also a medley of Beatles covers thrown in for good measure. White Slavery and Who Will Save the Sane are my personal favourites.

01 – OCTOBER RUST (1996)

I didn’t really like October Rust at first, but the more I listened to it, the more I grew to love it. the band is also in a pretty jovial mood, as witnessed by their joke at the beginning of the album. it represents the band at their artistic peak. production-wise, songwriting, all the elements are there. badass Neil Young cover (Cinnamon Girl), check! radio-friendly hit (My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend), check! in spite of every other song clocking in at 5+ minutes, there’s not a single one that feels like it drags at any point. the whole album is phenomenal, but I’d say Red Water and Wolf Moon are the cream of the crop.

October Rust


King Diamond Appreciation Day XXVIII

July 7, 2013

legend has it that on this very nite, 236 years ago, King Diamond’s great-great-great-great grandfather, Jebediah Obediah Hezekiah Diamond, pushed his pregnant wife down the stairs, after she forgot to record an episode of Scandinavia’s Got Talent. in 1987, King Diamond released the seminal classic, Abigail. a concept album based loosely on the events that preceded it. centuries earlier.

picture it, Copenhagen, Denmark, summer of 1845, Jonathan La’Fey and his wife, Miriam Natias, move into the mansion that Jonathan inherited. seven horsemen greet the couple upon their arrival, warning them not to move in. Jonathan meets with the family ghost, who shows him a cradle with the stillborn corpse of the child (Abigail) Miriam is carrying. the ghost asks Jonathan to kill his wife, in order to prevent the birth. it turns out this isn’t the first time the ghost (Count La’Fey) has had a run-in with Abigail. the Count threw his pregnant wife down the stairs, resulting in a broken neck for his wife, and Abigail’s death. it is also revealed Abigail is a bastard child. the next day, Miriam is clearly pregnant. at her behest, Jonathan decides to throw Miriam down the stairs, but she pulls a serve, by throwing him down the stairs instead. sadly, Miriam does not survive the birth, and Abigail is left all alone, as the horsemen return, with plans to destroy her.

so that is why every July 7, we celebrate the man, the myth, the legend, that is King Diamond. in addition to the Abigail album, I would also recommend Fatal Portrait and Them. and also the first Mercyful Fate album, Melissa, which helped launch the black metal genre. it is a classic, and my favourite King Diamond work.

“if you want to get the stragglers to leave a party, just put some King Diamond on.” -Wrath von MagicMist


Mr. Perfect Woulda Been 54 Today: RIP Curt Hennig

March 28, 2012

wrasslin’ is littered with wrasslers who passed well before their time. Mr. Perfect is one of my all-time favourites, and I was extremely verklempt, when I heard the news of his passing, in 2003. Mr. Perfect was one of the best all-around performers to ever grace the squared circle. no one could touch him in terms of athletic prowess, and he was also one of the best on the mic. he will be forever lumped in with guys like Ted DiBiase and Rick Rude (RIP) as guys who were the best at what they did, but never held the WWF title *cough* Hulk Hogan *cough* not only was Perfect an excellent wrassler, but he was just as good in a non-wrasslin’ role (most notably in his role as Ric Flair’s personal adviser when Flair won the 1992 Royal Rumble, and WWF title) the eventual face turn at Survivor Series that year, lead to Perfect beating Flair in a loser leaves WWF, in one of the earliest RAWs, circa January 1993. in short, Mr. Perfect was FUCKING AWESOME! it’s a shame that they won’t let his son (Michael McGillicutty) wrassle under the family name, but I digress. RIP Mr. Perfect, I know u and Randy Savage are tearin’ down the house, up there in heaven…

Randy Savage, Dead At 58

May 20, 2011

I’m getting a little verklempt as I write that Randy Savage passed away today. his brother, Lanny Poffo, is saying that he died in a car accident, after suffering a heart attack, while behind the wheel. Savage was the best wrestler WWF had on their roster from 1987-1992. everyone remembers Andre-Hulk from WrestleMania III, but it was Savage-Steamboat for the IC title, that stole the show. still, arguably the best match ever. he finally got his shot on top, by winning the tournament for the vacant WWF title at WrestleMania IV. he held the title for a year, before dropping it to Hulk, at WrestleMania V. he continued to have memorable matches at future Manias, with Ultimate Warrior at VII, and defeating Ric Fair for the WWF title, at VIII.

in an era dominated by Hulk Hogan, Savage was the better worker. he had better matches, cut better promos. hell, Savage was one of the few guys, who could make Ultimate Warrior look like a credible wrestler. somewhere in heaven, Savage and Miss Elizabeth are together again. the original royal couple of pro wrestling. RIP

Savage Liz

Farewell To Thee, Richard Dunn

June 9, 2010

the Tim & Eric universe lost a dearly beloved member on June 4, when Richard Dunn passed away due to complications from a stroke. a cast regular since the middle of season 1, you might remember him from such channel 5 public access shows as “The Dunngeon” and “Getting It Dunn” he also hosted and officiated the Tim & Eric Tennis Challenge in the season 4 finale “Tennis”

my personal favourite Richard Dunn sketch involved an interview with Dave Navarro on “The Dunngeon” now that I think about it, it was kind of like a precursor to Zach Galafianakis mock interview show “Between Two Ferns” it was just a lot of off-the-wall banter with disjointed dialogue, that was as funny as it was confusing to watch.

thanks for the memories, Richard Dunn! included below is Richard Dunn’s acting reel, that I found on youtube…


Dave Navarro

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

May 17, 2010

one-time frontman for Black Sabbath, and the man who was widely recognized as the originator of the “devil horns” salute, passed away yesterday from stomach cancer. he was 67. who will ever forget this timeless classic:


44 Nights of Orel Concludes Tonite

December 18, 2008

not to be confused with the 44 Nights of Anal: A Tom Byron movie marathon over on Spice Channel, BUH HUH!!!

not since TV Funhouse, has an animated show been so underappreciated. to be honest tho, I didn’t really start watching the show until the “44 Nights” started, so I can’t claim to be a loyal fan of the show. still, when I watch some of the intros that they’ve been doing before each episode, I can’t help but notice Dino seems a bit bitter about the demise of the show. and who could blame him, really. it was a well-written show about a deeply religious boy who misinterprets what he learns in church. the final episode of Moral Orel airs tonite at 12:15 AM on adultswim. there will also be a Moral Orel marathon on NYE. on a a related note, I’ve started watching The Drinky Crow Show, which stars David Herman (Mad TV, King of the Hill) and Dino. I like the episodes I’ve seen.

Moral Orel

Cliff Burton Gone 22 Years Ago Today

September 27, 2008

incredible bassist, whom I would’ve loved to seen play live. the stories of how Metallica outplayed Ozzy on his own tour in ’86! they certainly hit their creative peak with Master of Puppets Cliff Burton left this world all too soon, but the music he gave us will never be matched. here’s a collection of his bass solos from the Cliff ‘Em All dvd.

Cliff 'Em All

Master of Puppets

Cliff Burton

I Still Think of You

August 18, 2008

this past weekend marked the one-year anniversary of the passing of a good friend of mine. my time with him was all too brief, but he helped me out when I had entered the darkest part of my life. I remember he used to tell me that he got more out of having me call him than I would ever know. as I reflect back now, it starts to make sense. I checked out his myspace page, and was saddened to see what his life must’ve been like in the final days leading up to his tragic end. I wish I would’ve kept in contact more often than I did. just know that you are deeply missed, and I think of you every day. I take comfort knowing you are in a better, happier place. R.I.P. TB