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Mike Patton’s 4th-Greatest Side Project Is Back!

May 23, 2015

Mr. Bungle -> Fantomas -> Tomahawk -> Faith No More

the biggest mistake Jim Martin ever made was quitting Faith No More after he became butthurt that Faith No More made an album which was more vocally-driven than it’s predecessor. no surprise, Angel Dust was a more polished and refined product than The Real Thing. they are both great albums to be sure, and as a Mike Patton fanboy, I was almost to the point of arousal, for the first FNM album in 18 years!

my first exposure to FNM was I’m sure the way most ppl heard about them, thru their “Epic” video featuring Mike Patton dancing in the rain, while wearing a Mr. Bungle shirt. being that I was a naive 11 year-old at the time, I was also overly concerned about the fish flopping around at the end of the video. I was afraid he may have died when the piano exploded.

Faith No More was the first band I ever saw live. of course, they were opening for the massive Metallica/GN’R double bill, so FNM’s set dwarved in comparison. Harvester of Sorrow and Unforgiven sounded great live, and this was back when Jaymz Hetfield still had his bad-ass growling vox and enjoyed drinking beer and dropping f-bombs in between songs.

in 2010, I ventured out to San Francisco to see their reunion shows. it marked the longest stretch of time between seeing bands (approx. 18 years) the show was fantastic, like they never missed a beat. they even had a special appearance by former lead singer, Chuck Mosely (who no offence, but still sucks at singing) this show also marked the first time I saw Neil Hamburger (who was emcee) I don’t think anyone in the audience knew who he was, and to watch them cringe and squirm after each one of his jokes, was fucking priceless!

the new album, Sol Invictus, was released earlier this week via Mike Patton’s Ipecac label, and after about a dozen or so playthrus, I can safely say it’s their best album after the commercial and critical hit that was 1992’s “Angel Dust” the lead single “Motherfucker” didn’t immediately appeal to me, but has grown on me with each subsequent listen. I’d rank it somewhere in the middle of the album. the title track sets the tone for what is a welcome and triumphant comeback.

I was on the fence about seeing them in August, but after listening to “Sol Invictus” and then finding out so many other friends are going, I reckon I’ll check them out. plus, it’s on a Sunday. I’m also curious to see how the band’s new gimp will play into their show. if you’re a fan of FNM, you’ll love this album. if you’re a hardcore Mike Patton fanboy like me, you’ll love this album. now if Mike can just find time in his busy schedule for a Mr. Bungle reunion, we’d be set!

04_Separation Anxiety 5/5

05_Cone of Shame 5/5

09_Matador 5/5

01_Sol Invictus 5/5

08_Motherfucker 4/5

03_Sunny Side Up 4/5

02_Superhero 4/5

10_From the Dead 3/5

06_Rise of the Fall 3/5

07_Black Friday 3/5

imdb: 8/10

netflix: 4/5

FAITH NO MORE San Francisco - October 28, 2014 Dustin Rabin Photography 2680


The 100 Greatest GWAR Songs Ever Written

March 23, 2015

it was one year ago today, that the music industry lost an icon, and Canaduh lost a national treasure. Oderus Urungus (real name Dave Brockie) died of a heroin overdose. this is #2 on my list of musician deaths (behind Peter Steele) that hit me the hardest. not afraid to admit, I shed a few tears. as an homage to the grand scumdog of the universe, I present my list of the 100 greatest songs GWAR ever wrote. this is by no means a scientific list, as I could have very easily included every song from some albums. that being said, Scumdogs of the Universe has 10 songs on this list (I feel it’s their best work) as does Ragnarok, and a few others have 8 or 9. I included the entire GWAR universe for consideration, so there are songs from various side projects including The Dave Brockie Experience, Koszonom, MC Rhythmless, and X-Cops.

001 5-0

002 (Re)Flux

003 America Must Be Destroyed

004 Americanized

005 Anti-Anti-Christ

006 Apes of Wrath

007 Barbells

008 Beat You to Death

009 Beauteous Rot

010 Biledriver

011 Black and Huge

012 Bloodbath

013 Blood Mary

014 Bonesnapper

015 Bring Back The Bomb

016 Captain Crunch

017 Cavity Search

018 Cool Place to Park

019 Crack in the Egg

020 Damnation Under God

021 Death Pod

022 Eighth Lock

023 Fire In The Loins

024 Fist Full of Teeth

025 Flying Houses

026 Go to Hell

027 Gor Gor

028 Ham On The Bone

029 Hard For A ‘Tard

030 Have You Seen Me

031 I, Bonesnapper

032 I Love the Pigs

033 I’m In Love (With A Dead Dog)

034 Interloper

035 Iranian Masturbator

036 Jack the World

037 King Queen

038 Knife in Your Guts

039 Krak Down

040 Krosstika

041 KZ Necromancer

042 Lords and Masters

043 Lost God

044 Maggots

045 Martyr Dumb

046 Meat Sandwich

047 Metal Metal Land

048 Mr. Perfect

049 Murderer’s Muse

050 None But the Brave

051 Nothing Left Alive

052 Ollie North

053 Paddy Wagon Rape

054 Pepperoni

055 Poor Ole Tom

056 Preskool Prostitute

057 Pussy Planet

058 Ragnarok

059 Raped at Birth

060 Rock n’ Roll Never Felt So Good

061 Rock n’ Roll Party Town

062 Saddam A Gogo

063 Sexecutioner

064 Should the Ugly Girl Blow Me

065 Sick of You

066 Slap U Around

067 Slaughterama

068 Slutman City

069 Sonderkommando

070 Stalin’s Organs

071 Stuck Us With A Sucker

072 The Issue of Tissue

073 The Morality Squad

074 The New Plague

075 The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7

076 The One That Will Not Be Named

077 The Party’s Over

078 The Reaganator

079 The Salaminizer

080 The Uberklaw

081 The Ultimate Bohab

082 The Years Without Light

083 They Swallowed The Sun

084 Think You Outta Know This

085 Time For Death

086 Too Much Stuff

087 Tormentor

088 Torture

089 Triumph of the Pig Children

090 U Ain’t Shit

091 War Is All We Know

092 War Party

093 War Toy

094 Welcome to New Jersey

095 Whargoul

096 White Boy Can’t Dance

097 Womb With A View

098 You Are My Meat

099 You Can’t Kill Terror

100 Your Mother


Let’s Rank The Type O Negative Discography

March 2, 2015

hard to believe it’s already been almost 5 years since the pride and joy of Bensonhoist, Peter Steele, passed away at the age of 48. in the pantheon of dead musicians, none has hit me harder. I was fortunate enough to see Type O Negative three times, and there was nothing like it. Pete was a towering individual (standing approx. 6.5 feet tall) with a commanding stage presence, and deep baritone vocals that captivated the entire audience. but behind that, was a man who at one time struggled with his own demons including drug abuse, and was also known to be a bit of a recluse. at one show I was at, he coped with his social anxiety by nursing a bottle of wine in between songs. his self-deprecating sense of humour was the stuff of legend. so without further ado, here’s my retrospective of the TON discography:

07 – SLOW, DEEP, and HARD (1991)

a concept album based on Peter’s real-life experience with a cheating girlfriend, and his revenge fantasy of carrying out a murder/suicide. an incredibly raw album that sounds more like his previous band, Carnivore.

06 – LIFE IS KILLING ME (2003)

this is the poppiest-sounding album in the TON discography. I Don’t Wanna Be Me was a minor commercial hit, and We Were Electrocute was featured on the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack. overall, it’s a pretty decent album, just not one of their better ones.

05 – ORIGIN of the FECES (1992)

the backlash was so strong following “Slow, Deep, and Hard” that the band decided to showcase their softer, comedic side, by releasing a “live” album featuring reworked versions of songs off SD&H. this is a studio album whereby the band used only one mic for the recording, and piped in street noise to simulate a live audience. the banter Peter comes up with is creative genius. from chastizing the crowd for spending money to see them play, to an audience member bleeding on-stage, and there’s even a bomb scare thrown in for good measure. to this day, I still love quoting this album.

04 – DEAD AGAIN (2007)

Dead Again was their seventh and final studio album. it was maybe the most introspective album Peter ever wrote, with songs focusing on his spiritual side, and dealing with topics such as religion, abortion, and remorse. perhaps, he knew his time was running short and he wanted to say his proper good byes to the fans.

03 – BLOODY KISSES (1993)

the album that became an instant classic in the goth genre. Black No. 1, and Christian Woman were staples in their setlists right thru to their final shows in 2009. deeper cuts like the title track and Too Late: Frozen are my personal favourites, and they do a great, much slower version of Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts.


World Coming Down is TON’s heaviest and most depressing album. the interludes chronicle Peter’s interpretation of the ways the band members would die (Liver = alcohol abuse; Lung = cancer; Sinus = OD) there’s also a medley of Beatles covers thrown in for good measure. White Slavery and Who Will Save the Sane are my personal favourites.

01 – OCTOBER RUST (1996)

I didn’t really like October Rust at first, but the more I listened to it, the more I grew to love it. the band is also in a pretty jovial mood, as witnessed by their joke at the beginning of the album. it represents the band at their artistic peak. production-wise, songwriting, all the elements are there. badass Neil Young cover (Cinnamon Girl), check! radio-friendly hit (My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend), check! in spite of every other song clocking in at 5+ minutes, there’s not a single one that feels like it drags at any point. the whole album is phenomenal, but I’d say Red Water and Wolf Moon are the cream of the crop.

October Rust


Let’s Rank Ministry’s Catalogue

February 1, 2015

Chicago Blackhawks fan, one of the forefathers of the Industrial scene, and a staunch Republican, Al Jourgensen has closed the books on Ministry. the announcement came shortly after the passing of longtime guitarist, Mike Scaccia, in December 2012. altho there will be no more new material released, Al will take the band out on tour again, beginning in Australia at the Soundwave Festival in February. what better time than the present to rank, rate, and review all of their studio albums, while pondering whether it’s worth the $60 asking price for tickets to the show.


13. RELAPSE (2012) – if there’s one thing Eminem has taught us, it’s that albums titled RELAPSE are usually terrible. Ministry’s effort in this category is no different. the lead track “Ghouldiggers” has promise, but gets weighed down midsong by audio of Al getting the run-around from a record company executive. even the obligatory cover song (SOD’s “United Forces”), which has usually been pretty good on previous albums, is lacking. the closer, “Bloodlust”, is the best track, if only b/c I like the CSNY harmonies in the chorus.


12. TWITCH (1986) – this was the transitional album that showcased a darker side of the band and served as a prelude of what was to come, while still maintaining the “pop sensibilities” of it’s predecessor. choice track: We Believe

11. DARK SIDE OF THE SPOON (1999) – the cover alone is enough to make you hesitant about giving this a listen. “Bad Blood” is the most Ministry-sounding track of the lot, and was featured on THE MATRIX soundtrack. other than the lead track, “Supermanic Soul” it’s pretty much hit or (mostly) miss.

10. FROM BEER TO ETERNITY (2013) – did Al really say that this was the best Ministry album? it’s ok, but with no Bush in office, Al resorts to singing about Fox News and whatever else happened to be pissing him off at the moment, like folks not voting.

09. THE LAST SUCKER (2007) – there’s only so many songs you can write about how much George W. Bush sucks, before it becomes old hat. the trilogy closer is a chore to get thru. yes, we get it, Bush is descended from reptilian shape-shifters, Cheney is the anti-Christ, and Alex Jones still has this album in his heavy rotation.


08. WITH SYMPATHY (1983) – perhaps if this had been released by Pet Shop Boys or Depeche Mode, it might’ve received better praise, but we all know of Al’s legendary hatred for this album. I found a brand spanking new copy at Amoeba Records back when I lived in LA. it’s remastered with bonus tracks, and sounds FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! I may be the only person on the planet with a “Work For Love” ringtone.

07. THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY (1988) – remember when I boldly proclaimed this was one of the best Ministry albums? yeah, this hasn’t really held up all that well over the years. the lead track, “Stigmata” and the title track are great, but everything else is fairly simple and somewhat repetitive.

06. RIO GRANDE BLOOD (2006) – act II of the anti-Bush trilogy. the first half of the album is better than the latter. you get guest appearances by Sgt. Major (Gangreen), Jello Biafra (Ass Clown), and Liz Constantine (Khyber Pass) the best song on the album is the Dethklok-esque “Fear (Is Big Business)”


05. FILTH PIG (1996) – my favourite Ministry album cover, as the orange hue around the guy’s head, reminds me of Conan O’Brien (is that strange?) their Bob Dylan cover (Lay Lady Lay) is top notch, as is the title track. sometimes I just like to crank “Useless” up to 11, and let the bassline crash over me.

04. ANIMOSITISOMINA (2003) – this might be the most underrated Ministry album. there wasn’t too much in the way of filler. “The Light Pours Out of Me” is my favourite Ministry cover song. “Broken” is my favourite track on the album, as you can hear the Al Jourgensen vocals of the WITH SYMPATHY era, we all know and love.


03. PSALM 69 (1992) – the height of Ministry’s popularity, which lead to a string of videos on MTV, their only platinum album to date, and a headlining gig on Lollapallooza. “NWO” and “Just One Fix” were the calling cards, but it’s deeper cuts like “Jesus Built My Hotrod” (featuring Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers) and “Scarecrow” that are the real standouts.

02. HOUSES OF THE MOLE (2004) – the most metal album in the discography, it was the first (and best) in the anti-Bush trilogy. successfully blending elements of thrash (Warp City) and black metal (WTV) with Ministry’s trademark industrial sound. my personal favourite is “World” which sounds like a modern day update to Genesis “Land of Confusion”

01. THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE (1989) – from beginning to end, a thoroughly enjoyable listen. MIND runs the gamut from industrial (Thieves) to ambient (Dream Song) to rap/rock (Test) the one complaint I hear is that the album is diluted due to Al working with so many guest collaborators (Ogre and Chris Connelly, among others) but I find this to be a strength. the spooky ambiance of the droning horns, the crow calls, the menacing bassline, and Connelly’s wailing vocals, “The Cannibal Song” will make you feel as tho you’ve stumbled into the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

Trent Reznor Takes Break From Making Shitty Music With Hot Filipino Wife, To Release Album People Actually Want To Listen To

September 2, 2013

a lot has happened since the last time Nine Inch Nails released new material. I attended an Ultimate Surrender match, I was kicked in the head by Jared Louche at a Chemlab show, and I had sex with a woman who once auditioned for a Ford Focus commercial.

if u were following NIN’s twitter feed a week ago, then u no doubt saw they were streaming the new album for free via itunes. after giving Hesitation Marks a few good listens, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this is their best album since The Downward Spiral. there’s only three songs that aren’t quite up to par. “Came Back Haunted” and “Copy Of A” are the first two singles, and have been getting positive reviews from concertgoers on the current tour. “All Time Low” is my personal favourite, with it’s funky porno movie kinda beat. “I Would For You” is the customary NIN love ballad. “Satellite” is the song u might hear in the dancehalls, as it’s a catchy song that could be used to attract the casual fan who may only be familiar with “Closer” “Everything” is possibly the most upbeat NIN song they’ve ever released. I think it’s just about Trent’s trials and tribulations surviving in the music industry. “Running” is another good song, very simple with a catchy hook. it’s great to have Trent Reznor back on the landscape, as this year has provided plenty of good music from bands I enjoy. Hesitation Marks is a welcome addition, and should be considered a strong buy for anyone who considers themselves a NIN fan.

05 All Time Low 5/5
02 Copy Of A 5/5
11 I Would For You 5/5
09 Various Methods Of Escape 5/5
08 Satellite 5/5
04 Find My Way 4/5
03 Came Back Haunted 4/5
10 Running 4/5
07 Everything 3/5
13 While I’m Still Here 2/5
12 In Two 2/5
06 Disappointed 2/5

average song rating: 3.83
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 7.5/10

tracks 1 and 14 were omitted from this list, as they are intro and outro. track 1 isn’t really much of a song, and track 14 is just a continuation of the previous track.


Trent Reznor Promises Vocals Will Be 15% Whinier On New NIN Album

August 7, 2013

I like Nine Inch Nails, but I haven’t paid much attention to them in about eight years. last month, they performed for the first time in nearly four years. reviews of the shows have been overwhelmingly positive, and I’ve been able to find them, in their entirety, on youtube. it sure beats looking for a job! they are gearing up for a world tour, and a new album drops on September 3. the first single, Came Back Haunted, is pretty good, and I’m debating whether to see them when they come around my neck of the woods in October. tix are a bit pricey (the cheapest seat is $50) I’ll go if I can find at least one other person who’s interested. Verizon Center is a great place to watch hockey, but the handful of times I’ve been there for shows, I’ve come away disappointed. look for a full review of the new album, Hesitation Marks, sometime next month. if u suffer from epilepsy, u may want to avoid watching the video.

Big Ass Concert Weekend Recap: Black Sabbath and the Melvins

August 4, 2013

I was on the fence about going to see Black Sabbath, but a friend of mine referred to it as “a once in a lifetime opportunity”, so I was like, let’s do this! it’s the original line-up (minus Bill Ward on drums) Ozzy’s drummer, Tommy Clufetos is filling in on this tour. in the pantheon of legendary rock acts, Black Sabbath is just as important and influential as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. after seeing the show, it baffles me that ppl were throwing in the towel on these guys, after the release of 13. yes, Ozzy’s voice isn’t what it once was, but what he lacks in vocal range, he more than makes up for with his boundless energy and stage presence. Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler are still as badass as ever, expertly noodling their way thru all the classics. the setlist had four songs from the latest album, and thirteen more tunes from the classic Ozzy era of the 70s. Paranoid lead the way with five songs (including gems like “War Pigs” “Iron Man” and the title track) my only minor gripe is that they didn’t play anything off my personal favourite, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. I’d put this on my list of top 5 shows I’ve seen, and right on par with if I was seeing Paul McCartney play every Beatles hit on his current tour.

War Pigs -> Into The Void -> Under The Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes -> Snowblind -> Age of Reason -> Black Sabbath -> Behind the Wall of Sleep -> N.I.B. -> End of the Beginning -> Fairies Wear Boots -> Methademic -> Rat Salad -> Iron Man -> God Is Dead? -> Dirty Women -> Children of the Grave -> Paranoid


Andrew WK was more of a hype man, than an actual opening act. his “set” consisted of playing old school metal from bands like Slayer, Metallica, among others, off his ipod. if nothing else, at least we know he’s got good taste in music. my friend turned to me and said jokingly “you coulda opened for Sabbath!” and I replied “yes, but I would’ve played Ministry’s ‘Work For Love’ on a continuous loop for 45 minutes, or until they kicked me off stage, whichever came first.”

seeing as how I know absolutely nothing about music, I was always intrigued by the idea of a band with two drummers. last nite’s Melvins show gave me ample opportunity to observe the two-drummer dichotomy play out between Dale Crover and Coady Willis (also of sludge metal band, Big Business). so precise and in unison, that I would spend entire songs watching them play, waiting for that one moment they would be ever so slightly out of sync, but they never were. I was particularly impressed with their drumming on “Evil New War God” thru the many iterations of the Melvins, Dale and lead singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne have remained constants. they’ve been able to deftly move between genres from punk to sludge to experimental, over the course of their 30-year career. Houdini (released in 1993, and co-produced by Kurt Cobain) was their major label debut, and had the most representation in the setlist, with three songs. my personal favourites were the groovetastic, “Let It All Be” and the uber-sludgy, “Night Goat” from the opening droning riff of “Hag Me” to the bitchin’ cover of Butthole Surfers “Graveyard” which closed the show, King Buzzo & Co. were on point. JD Pinkus, of said Surfers, replaced Jared Warren on bass, who is at home on paternity leave. Pinkus side-project, Honky, was the opening act, but I didn’t get to the venue until the last 1.5 songs of their set.

Hag Me -> The War On Wisdom -> We Are Doomed -> Sweet Willy Rollbar -> A Growing Disgust -> Let It All Be -> Your Blessened -> Night Goat -> Lizzy -> Billy Fish -> The Water Glass -> Evil New War God -> Hung Bunny -> Roman Dog Bird -> Graveyard (Butthole Surfers cover)


needless to say, both shows get a 5/5

Melvins “Everybody Loves Sausages” 4/5

July 30, 2013

when you’ve been around as long as the Melvins have, you’ve earned the right to release an album of cover songs. Everybody Loves Sausages runs the gamut on their influences. from well-known artists like David Bowie and Queen, to some of the lesser known acts, like punk bands Pop-O-Pies and Tales of Terror. I’m not familiar with every band they covered, so I’ll just simply list the songs in order of my own preference. the Melvins are currently balls-deep in their 30th Anniversary tour, which rolls into the 9:30 Club this Saturday.

05 Station To Station (David Bowie) – Station To Station (1976)
11 Romance (Tales of Terror) – Romance (1984)
04 Set It On Fire (The Scientists) – Blood Red River: 1982-1984 (2000)
01 Warhead (Venom) – released as a 7″ single in 1984
13 Heathen Earth (Throbbing Gristle) – Heathen Earth (1980)
02 Best Friend (Queen) – A Night at the Opera (1975)
07 Female Trouble (Divine) – Female Trouble (1974)
03 Black Betty (Lead Belly) – African-American work song, first recorded in 1933
08 Carpe Diem (The Fugs) – The Fugs First Album (1965)
06 Attitude (The Kinks) – Low Budget (1979)
12 Art School (The Jam) – In The City (1977)
09 Timothy Leary Lives (Pop-O-Pies) – The White EP (1982)
10 In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Roxy Music) – For Your Pleasure (1973)


Dave Lombardo To Receive $14 Royalties Check For His Work On Bootleg Slayer Compilation

July 26, 2013

B-Sides & Rarities, a bootleg compilation of material spanning Slayer’s 30-year career, hit the inferwebz last month. chances are, that if you’re a diehard Slayer fan, you may have already heard all the songs. I reckon I ain’t the most hardcore Slayer fan on the planet, but then again, I suppose I’m pretty familiar with roughly 80% of their catalogue. so there were a few songs that I hadn’t heard before. the compilation features collaborations with Atari Teenage Riot and Ice-T; covers of Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly, among others. their cover of Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild” is awesomely hilarious. there’s also alternate mixes of songs, radio edits of songs, and songs that only appeared in limited edition versions of previous albums. 21 tracks in all, that makes for an epic retrospective of the greatest metal band of all time.


Justin Bieber Ejaculates On Boston Bruins Mascot

July 23, 2013

teenage heartthrob, pop music icon, Canadien, and noted hockey fan, Justin Bieber, upped the ante in his ongoing feud with the NHL, when he ejaculated on the Boston Bruins mascot, during a sold-out performance at the TD Garden on Saturday nite. the feud began innocently enough, when he was photographed standing on the Chicago Blackhawks logo, following a performance at the United Center, two weeks ago.

in a press release shortly thereafter, Bieber explained “I was just trying to take a picture of the Stanley Cup, yo! I’m a big fan of that sport where they skate around trying to whack a puck into a net. does Wayne Gretzky still play?”

in preparation of Bieber’s performance, the Bruins roped off the logo in their locker room. feeling disrespected, Bieber came out for his show, in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. he dedicated 20 minutes of his set to educating the audience about the plight of Edward Snowden, appealing to the Obama administration to be lenient on him, while exercising caution not to strain already tense relations with Russia.

it was during the singing portion of his show that things got out of hand. following his hit song “Gurl, Oh, Gurl! (Tweeting @ UR Balloon Knot)” Bieber went into a diatribe about how the Bruins choked in the Stanley Cup Finals last month. to show that he was the bigger man, he invited Blades, the Bruins mascot up on stage to squash any animosity there might have been between the organization and himself. after vowing not to step on the Bruins locker room logo, he unzipped his pants, and proceeded to ejaculate all over Blades. several audience members noted the consistency and thickness of his load.

“it looked like he had been playing with himself for several hours before the show.” said one concertgoer, who wished to remain anonymous. “u know how it is, when u bring yourself to cum several times, but never do. it’s like the dude was blue-ballin’ himself or sumpin’! eventually, u just knew he was going to explode all over somebody’s face-face-face.”

no word yet on what Bieber has planned for his hometown Leafs, when his world tour rolls into Toronto on Thursday nite…