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Sunday Night Raw

February 22, 2015

five weeks out from WrestleMania, WWE makes a pit stop in the King’s hometown of Memphis, for Fastlane. after months of buildup, Triple H and Sting will finally have their first ever face-to-face meeting inside a WWE ring, to set up their Mania match, and possibly also exchange good housekeeping tips. could it be, that the best part of the “pay per view” occurs on the pre-show when Paul Heyman makes an appearance on Miz TV? any time Paul has a mic, it’s always best for business! here’s a look at the rest of the card:

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan – it appears as tho for the second year in a row, the IWC has hijacked the main event at Mania, and Vinman will insert DB into another triple threat match for the title. I doubt Brock will make an appearance during the match, but this will probably end in a double countout.

Rusev d. John Cena – there were those backstage that were concerned with the labeling of John Cena as “the old veteran” but technically it’s true. he’ll be 38 in a coupla months, he’s been on the main roster since 2002, and the face of the company for almost a decade. this is sure to be a rematch at Mania, where the golden shovel will triumph over “the Evil Empire”

Usos d. Cesaro & Kidd – tag teams are clearly an afterthought as witnessed by Reigns and Bryan running roughshod thru the entire division a coupla weeks ago on Smackdown. sadly, The Ascension are being groomed as the next tag champs, so I see the Usos retaining.

Stardust d. Goldust – too bad they didn’t save this match for Mania, but if this is indeed the blowoff to the feud, hopefully it means Stardust will go back to being Cody Rhodes.

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan d. Seth Rollins, Big Show, and Kane – Seth Rollins has the world by the balls! he’s Mr. Money in the Bank, his fiance posted pics of his junk online, and he’s involved in a “twittah war” with Jon Stewart. how did he get involved in this throwaway six-man tag match?!? will there be a Randy Orton sighting here? Dolph pins Kane

Bad New Barrett d. Dean Ambrose – after weeks of politicking, harassing, etc. Dean gets his IC title shot against Barrett. BNB hasn’t exactly looked that strong since winning the belt from Dolph Ziggler on the first Raw of 2015. the Mania rematch quotient is high in this one.

Nikki Bella d. Paige – it’s been a while, but WWE finally has another halfway decent divas feud on their hands. Nikki has become the division’s best heel, and should pick up the win here. Paige continues to give chase, heading into Mania.