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Idiot Fanboy Dismayed Over Mortal Kombat X Roster

April 6, 2015

I was looking forward to the new Mortal Kombat game, despite the fact I haven’t played much of the series since MK 4 on the N64. ahead of the game’s April 14 release, they unveiled the full roster. what can I say, it’s mildly disappointing. no Baraka, no Kabal, no Cyrax, not even the guy who looks like a young Gary Busey (aka Stryker) Goro is a pre-order bonus, and they’ve already assured us he will be available for a price, at a later date via DLC. there are 29 fighters total, including four fighters who are DLC at launch, for an extra $30. Jason Voorhees and Predator are among those in the “Kombat Pack” hopefully it works out better than Freddy Krueger.

series regulars like Scorpion, Sub Zero, Liu Kang, and Johnny Cage are there, and with the timeline advancing 25 years in the future from MK 9, it’s become somewhat of a family affair. Jax daughter, Jacqueline, joins the cast. perhaps they’ll reveal who the mother is. Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade got busy, and their daughter Cassie, is now involved. Kung Lao’s younger cousin (twice removed on his mother’s side) Kung Jin, makes his debut. Scorpion became a Big Brother during the interim, and his new charge, Takahashi Taneda, joins the cast.

other first-time Kombatants include, Ferra/Torr, which looks like something out of the Master Blaster movie. D’Vorah, who is some kind of insect woman. Erron Black, who looks like a gunslinger out of a Western, and Kotal Khan, who was getting butt from Mileena, before unceremoniously usurping her from the Outworld throne. 29 is still an impressive number, and it’s probably more like 87, considering each character has three unique fighting styles.

I always have a hard time justifying a $60 price tag for a fighting game. this would be an ideal time to have gamefly, b/c I’d def like to try this out. maybe I’ll pick it up in six months, when they release the definitive addition, with all the bonus content included. I’ll predict this game ends up with a metacritic rating of 85, give or take three points.