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Mike Patton’s 4th-Greatest Side Project Is Back!

May 23, 2015

Mr. Bungle -> Fantomas -> Tomahawk -> Faith No More

the biggest mistake Jim Martin ever made was quitting Faith No More after he became butthurt that Faith No More made an album which was more vocally-driven than it’s predecessor. no surprise, Angel Dust was a more polished and refined product than The Real Thing. they are both great albums to be sure, and as a Mike Patton fanboy, I was almost to the point of arousal, for the first FNM album in 18 years!

my first exposure to FNM was I’m sure the way most ppl heard about them, thru their “Epic” video featuring Mike Patton dancing in the rain, while wearing a Mr. Bungle shirt. being that I was a naive 11 year-old at the time, I was also overly concerned about the fish flopping around at the end of the video. I was afraid he may have died when the piano exploded.

Faith No More was the first band I ever saw live. of course, they were opening for the massive Metallica/GN’R double bill, so FNM’s set dwarved in comparison. Harvester of Sorrow and Unforgiven sounded great live, and this was back when Jaymz Hetfield still had his bad-ass growling vox and enjoyed drinking beer and dropping f-bombs in between songs.

in 2010, I ventured out to San Francisco to see their reunion shows. it marked the longest stretch of time between seeing bands (approx. 18 years) the show was fantastic, like they never missed a beat. they even had a special appearance by former lead singer, Chuck Mosely (who no offence, but still sucks at singing) this show also marked the first time I saw Neil Hamburger (who was emcee) I don’t think anyone in the audience knew who he was, and to watch them cringe and squirm after each one of his jokes, was fucking priceless!

the new album, Sol Invictus, was released earlier this week via Mike Patton’s Ipecac label, and after about a dozen or so playthrus, I can safely say it’s their best album after the commercial and critical hit that was 1992’s “Angel Dust” the lead single “Motherfucker” didn’t immediately appeal to me, but has grown on me with each subsequent listen. I’d rank it somewhere in the middle of the album. the title track sets the tone for what is a welcome and triumphant comeback.

I was on the fence about seeing them in August, but after listening to “Sol Invictus” and then finding out so many other friends are going, I reckon I’ll check them out. plus, it’s on a Sunday. I’m also curious to see how the band’s new gimp will play into their show. if you’re a fan of FNM, you’ll love this album. if you’re a hardcore Mike Patton fanboy like me, you’ll love this album. now if Mike can just find time in his busy schedule for a Mr. Bungle reunion, we’d be set!

04_Separation Anxiety 5/5

05_Cone of Shame 5/5

09_Matador 5/5

01_Sol Invictus 5/5

08_Motherfucker 4/5

03_Sunny Side Up 4/5

02_Superhero 4/5

10_From the Dead 3/5

06_Rise of the Fall 3/5

07_Black Friday 3/5

imdb: 8/10

netflix: 4/5

FAITH NO MORE San Francisco - October 28, 2014 Dustin Rabin Photography 2680