The Big Four Deluxe Box Set Available For Pre-Order

SLAYEGADETHRAXAHOLLICA played several dates in Europe two months ago, for the “Big Four” shows. it was the first time all four bands were on the same bill. of course, the much ballyhooed “Am I Evil?” did not include Slayer, which I blogged about one month ago. I briefly considered buying the deluxe box set, which includes photos, posters, audio cds of each band’s set, guitar picks, etc. but I decided $99 was a little out of my budget. I’ll still probably order this when it’s available on BD. plus, I’ll be checking out three of the four bands in October. so since I’m already giving them $30 for a ticket, plus, the $25 I spent on the Megadeth RIP 20 show back in March, plus the $20 I spent on a bootleg shirt from the show, plus the $20 I’m spending on the RIP 20 BD that comes out on Sept. 7, plus the $20 I imagine I’ll spend on a shirt at the show in October. it all balances out at the end of the day. anybody interested in giving your money directly to Lar$ Ulrich, can go here to pre-order. it ships Oct. 19 in North America

Big Four


One Response to “The Big Four Deluxe Box Set Available For Pre-Order”

  1. Grem BHM Says:

    This was Sonisphère (in Switzerland) !!

    Megadeth peformed on the little stage ! Ash Ash the worst organization I’ve ever seen !

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